Pure premium quality rosebuds from high mountains of Iran. Rose tea is amazingly floral; it can be enjoyed just by itself or be added to any other tea to enhance its taste and aroma. this tea is one of best ways to detox one's body. It tastes great when drank with Persian sugar rocks or simply known as Nabat. 

Net weight 45 gr

La Vie en Rose

  • Rose flowers, especially buds, contain a high concentration of vitamin C which by far surpassees the levels in fresh fruits like orange, tomato, and grapefruit. This makes it a great herbal tea to maintain a healthy and radiant skin, and to fight off colds and flu in a more natural way.

    Health benefits of loose rose bud tea also include its ability to clear toxic waste from the bladder and kidneys and therefore reduces the risk of urinary tract infections. Drinking rose tea can also prevent blockages that can be caused by kidney stones.