Tropical Gin and Tonic


Magic Carpet Tea - 10 g Fresh Grapefruit Pulps - To taste Gin - 1.5 oz 95°C Water - 100 ml

Ice - 1/2 cup

Sugar - 2 Table spoons

Tonic Water - 230 ml


Put the tea into a heat resistant container such as a metal jug. Pour the hot water on top, add the sugar to taste or as instructed and let it cool down. The mixture is supposed to be very strong tasting and later you will dilute it using tonic water and gin.

(TIP: You can put the container in the freezer to speed up the process or make it overnight and then keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours.)

In a large glass, gently mix your grapefruit pulps with 1.5 oz of gin.

Once the tea mixture has cooled down to under 10°C or cool to touch you can add half of it (50 ml) to the gin and grapefruit. Add the ice, mix well, and enjoy!

This makes for a refreshing drink throughout the year especially on warm summer days.