Moroccan Traveler

Ingredients: Té Moruno - 10 g Fresh Mint - One bunch 95°C Water - 100 ml

Ice - 1/2 cup

Honey - 5 tea spoons

Club Soda - 230 ml


Put the tea into a heat resistant container such as a metal jug. Pour the hot water on top, add honey to taste or as instructed and let it cool down. Then, put it in the freezer for about 30-40 minutes or until its temperature drops down to 1-5°C. The mixture is supposed to be very strong tasting and later you will dilute it with club soda. (TIP: You can put the heat resistant container in the freezer to speed up the process or make it overnight.)

In a large cocktail shaker (Boston shaker) add 50 ml of your tea and honey mixture, ice cubes, 5-6 mint leaves and shake away until you have about 3 inches of air bubbles on the top. Strain it into a cocktail glass, add the club soda, and garnish with some fresh mint leaves. Enjoy and share this with your loved ones!

This makes for a super refreshing drink which could also use an ounce of scotch whisky to make it into the ultimate cocktail.