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TEA-ARA's journey is a pilgrimage to the land of exotic tastes and mystical herbs. Since the ancient times, we humans have been using plants, herbs, and spices for their medicinal characteristics. Apothecaries used to treat illnesses using these natural health-giving ingredients.

We are bringing this mainly Eastern tradition back to life in a modern form by blending the premium quality ingredients from unique climates to compliment your healthy lifestyle. Needless to say; we are the only company in North America that offers these exclusive teas.

TEA-ARA’s mission is to deliver the unique tradition of Eastern tea blends that used to be traded on the Silk road back in 210 BCE to the most discerning tea lovers with supreme quality. The ingredients of our exclusive and specialty blends are all hand-picked from the highest quality herbs and fruits of exotic climates; tested to perfection by our expert tea sommeliers to deliver a different and exceptional experience. We have selected the best of what every specific region in the East has to offer and we have gathered them under TEA-ARA’s collection. These blends are a great complement to a healthy lifestyle based on consuming all natural products. We encourage you to try these exceptional products and enjoy them as part of your daily routine.

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From your first tea of the morning to your high tea , we have you covered. We know what excellence tastes like. Discover our unrivaled collection of teas from exotic climates of the East and fill your cup with a little something special from TEA-ARA.

“Where there's a tea, there's a hope.” 

- Arthur Pinero -



Here you can find indepth information about our collection and recipes on iced teas, cocktails and meals you can prepare using our products as well as company news.


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